Correct-by-construction and optimal synthesis of beacon-enabled ZigBee network


In this paper we develop a formal approach for the synthesis of a cost-effective and correct-by-construction communication network (focusing on ZigBee wireless networks) subject to a set of end-to-end communication constraints of latency, bandwidth and error-rate, together with the constraints of the network protocols and the desired geographical placement of the network. We also develop a software platform to implement the proposed approach for network synthesis, and apply it to a practical wireless network synthesis for centralized as well as distributed estimation application.

IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and Engineering

Note to Practitioners: Network synthesis begins by specifying a set of point-to-point quality-of-service requirements of latency, throughput and error-rate. For a ZigBee-based wireless network (one of the popular networks), we present a mathematical approach to its synthesis for a given set of service specifications along with the geographical placement. The approach formalizes the synthesis problem that can be adopted for other types of networks, and guarantees its correctness as well as optimality